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As a shareholder of a major refractory manufacturing unit, Trasteel can provide a full range of refractory products for steel making applications, cement plants and industrial furnaces like reheating furnaces for rolling mill or aluminum melting furnaces:


  • Coke oven and hot stove (silica bricks, Alumina-silica bricks, checker)
  • Wear and safety lining solutions for torpedo cars (AGS bricks, Alumina-silica bricks)


  • Wear and safety lining brick solutions for BOFs, Degassers, EAFs and Ladles (Magnesia-Carbon, Fired Magnesia, Fired Alumina-Silica)
  • Slide gates plates and nozzles for ladle and tundish flow control systems
  • Mechanical flow control systems
  • Isostatic products for the casting area
  • Special pieces (EBT, tap holes, bath agitation systems, purging plugs and well blocks)
  • Ceramic anchors with relevant steel anchoring system
  • Ceramic fibers and insulation panels
  • Unshaped products for refractory installations and maintenance of specific units and furnaces: castables, ramming, plastic, gunning and mortar


  • Wear lining solutions for rotary kilns and cyclones
  • Magnesia-spinel bricks
  • Fired and chemically bonded high alumina bricks
  • Alumina-Silicon Carbide bricks
  • Low alumina bricks
  • Mortars for brick installation
refractories interna

Thanks to a team of skilled and experienced technicians, Trasteel International can also provide its Customers with a full range of services for refractories used in the steel industry: engineering, manufacturing, logistics, installation, supervision, after sales assistance and global refractory management service with guaranteed performance.

All the refractory production in the factories is carried out under the direct control of Trasteel’s engineers: all the materials are subject to strict testing procedures and afterwards are successfully delivered to Customers in Europe, South America, CIS Countries, Middle East, North Africa, China, Korea and Japan.

Our partnerships with European producers of refractories, allows us to offer, in parallel to our Chinese production, a complete range of products completely manufactured inside Europe. This allows us to cover more international markets and be more flexible in case of urgent deliveries or international logistics problems. On top of the above, Trasteel developed a complete line of ladle and tundish slide gate systems, which cover all requirements of existing and new steel plant from 40T up to 250T, equipped with billets, blooms or slab casters.


Download here the full brochure of the Refractories Division.
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