Engineering Solutions


Download here the presentation of the Engineering Solutions.

What Trasteel Does

Trasteel build up a competence center with R&D department for steel industry equipment, plant upgrading and for spare parts supply.

A group of specialists, former plant operators and design engineers are running this office.

Most modern technologies like finite element method (FEM), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), 3D modeling are supporting analytic calculation with Switzerland precision style, with design criteria coming from long time experience in specific field of application.

In house engineering, passion to innovate and improve original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design, are the missions of this group. Partnership has been made with best workshop to cover worldwide markets. These workshops are specialized in specific fields of application according to different customer needs and plant production areas.

A group of expediters and quality controllers ensure unbeatable high-quality products as per Switzerland standards



  • Starting from BF and then to BOF or EAF, giving you equipment for upgrading it or simply supplying some spare parts. like cooling panels or the electrodes arms holder, injection lances, burners etc.;

  • for the CCM, moulds, copper tubes, dummy bars and dummy bars head, etc.;

  • for Ladle Furnace upgrade or parts for the LF;

  • for the rolling mill, upgrades of some rolling mill parts, starting from descaler up to rolling stand improvement and or replacement or simply supply of spare parts like spindles, chocks, rolling rolls, etc.

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Download the Engineering Solution Presentation

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