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Founded in 2009, Trasteel International has become one of the leading player in the steel industry

Trasteel International was founded in 2009 as the result of the forward-looking vision of a group of entrepreneurs and professionals in the steel industry. Leveraging on their combined experience the aim of the Group was and still is to provide better, deeper and more flexible services to the whole supply chain. In fact, nowadays the high quality performance of the supplied materials is not enough to meet the more and more sophisticated needs of the market. For this reason Trasteel International expanded its horizons by evolving in a hybrid player whose platform can serve for a multiple of requirements: production and supply of different materials, flexible financing, quality control and technical assistance directly on site, hedging and stock financing, these are only few of the services on which our customers can benefit from.


Since the beginning the strategy of the Group has been focused on building solid and long-lasting relationships with reliable suppliers and customers worldwide. Thanks to exclusive off-take agreements Trasteel is able to constantly track and control the quality of its materials through its own staff which is supervising the production directly on site, into the plants and on the mines. The strategy does not limit in providing high quality materials, but instead expands in offering a 360° service with the integration of any kind of deliveries (bulk vessels, containers vessel, rail-wagons and truck door-to-door) and the most dynamic and supportive financing possible. With Trasteel customers can rely on a tailor made service.

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