Officine Tecnosider S.r.l. acquired by TRASTEEL SA and VANOMET AG

TRASTEEL SA (“TRASTEEL”) and VANOMET AG (“VANOMET”), two Switzerland based leaders
in the steel industry, acquired Officine Tecnosider S.r.l. (“OTS”). OTS is a leading Italian
manufacturer of hot rolled heavy plates for the construction and engineering industry. OTS is
located in San Giorgio di Nogaro in the North-East of Italy and employs 110 people.

OTS runs a state-of-the-art manufacturing site commissioned in 2011 with a maximum
production capacity of 370.000 metric tons/year. Thanks to its unrivalled plant flexibility and
efficiency, it can supply a wide range of heavy plates to various sectors, including general
engineering, construction and shipbuilding. Located in North Italy’s steel district with direct
access to highways, railways and the region’s main harbours, OTS delivers to clients in Central,
Western and Eastern Europe but also ships efficiently to North and South America. The
current management team of OTS will continue to work under the new ownership.

Ivo Conti, CEO and former shareholder of OTS comments: “We are convinced that the new
shareholders shall continue our successful business and that the flexibility and efficiency of
our plant shall continue to give us a competitive advantage. Despite a temporary shut down
in the wake of Covid19, OTS has restarted production recently and is planning to move back
to near-full capacity utilisation in the second half of the year. In contrast to other mills, OTS
can achieve a sound profitability even when operating at less than full capacity.”

Headquartered in Switzerland, TRASTEEL and VANOMET both are among the worldwide
leaders in the steel industry covering the full supply chain from sourcing of slabs to the
production of finished goods. TRASTEEL has been a minority shareholder of OTS since
inception and together with VANOMET acquired the remaining stake from the founders and
previous owners in this transaction.

“Having been shareholder of OTS for a long time we are now proud that together with our
partner VANOMET we have taken full control of OTS and are looking forward to continue
working with the OTS management. Along with our recently changed shareholding base with
the new entrance of logistic giant Fratelli Cosulich into our equity base, this acquisition shall
definitely help TRASTEEL to become a well-diversified industrials group”, says Gianfranco
Imperato, CEO of TRASTEEL.

Ruedi Mathis, VANOMET Founder and Chief Executive, emphasizes: “This transaction
represents a strategic milestone on our journey to becoming a smart and agile player in the
ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry. More specifically, OTS provides VANOMET with a
complementary value creation opportunity and allows us to leverage our excellent
relationships to slab suppliers with a state-of-the-art manufacturer of finished steel plates.”

The parties agreed not to disclose details on the purchase price. The transaction is subject to
approval by Italian authorities. PwC Switzerland and PwC Italy/PwC TLS Italy provided
M&A and legal support, as well as financial due diligence and tax advice to the buyers.

More information on TRASTEEL;
TRASTEEL International was founded in 2009 as the result of the forward-looking vision of a
group of entrepreneurs and professionals in the steel industry. Since then, TRASTEEL
expanded its horizons by evolving in a hybrid player whose platform can serve for a multiple
of requirements: production and supply of different materials, flexible financing, quality
control and technical assistance directly on site, hedging and stock financing, these are only
few of the services on which TRASTEEL’s customers can benefit from. The Massimo Bolfo
family is no longer associated with TRASTEEL neither with OTS.

More information on VANOMET;
VANOMET is one of the world’s largest independent merchants of ferrous and non-ferrous
metals handling steel products and related raw material, base metal concentrates and ores
as well as oil and oil related products with a global supplier and customer basis. VANOMET,
registered under Swiss law, was founded in 1991 by Ruedi Mathis, a steel specialist with many
years of experience in the industry, and provides a full range of services tailored to specific
clients’ needs including consulting, financing, marketing, trust services, and logistics.

Press Contact:
Gianfranco Imperato, CEO
TRASTEEL International SA
Tel: +41 91 9105300
Mob: +41 79 6183384

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