Liaoning Fenghua Trasteel Industry Co. Ltd

In January 2011 Trasteel formalized the purchase of an important stake in a major Chinese Producer of magnesia-carbon and alumina-magnesia-carbon refractory bricks, establishing a New Venture incorporated under the name of “Liaoning Fenghua Trasteel Industry Co. LTD”. Such venture started operations during the first half of 2011. Trasteel acts as the exclusive marketing arm of the Joint Venture on all activities related to overseas marketing, sales, production financing and technology advancement. The Chinese Partners Liaoning Fenghua Industrial Co. LTD, has confered to the Joint Venture their equipment and facilities.
The production facilities are located in Dashiqiao City, Liaoning, a province in China close to the highest quality raw material sources for refractory production and major transportation.

The New Joint Venture integrates production and research facilities and is able to produce, with a capacity of about 80'000 MT/year, the following range of products:
Magnesia Carbon bricks for converters, electric arc furnaces and ladles
Magnesia Alumina Carbon bricks
Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon bricks
Sliding Gate Plates and Nozzles for tundish and ladle flow control
• Various unshaped products for lining installations and maintenance of steel making units

The Joint Venture partner owns a magnesite mine with discovered deposits of raw magnesite of 30 million MT with an annual output of 200'000 MT assuring the Joint Venture a reliable and competitive source of major raw materials.
The company is also a Scientific & Research enterprise with long term technological collaboration with Beijing Iron & Steel Institute, Wuhan and Beijing Scientific & Technology University and, as a result, special materials can be developed and produced and new refractory dedicated solutions can be offered to satisfy and exceed Customer expectations.