New business opportunities

In a business world which is more and more transparent and at the same time more and more volatile, the pure intermediation is an extremely risky activity, that is why the Trasteel business model is based on building consolidated relationships with few selected partners, developing a sort of captive, non speculative, trading activity. Such consolidated relationships are the result either of specific industrial agreements or of long term offtake contracts or working capital financing deals.
The primary area of focus is the steel value chain, including raw materials for the steel industry, shipping and logistics and trading. Trading is an important scouting source for new business opportunities, including industrial investments in specific areas of growth, long-term commercial deals, and commercial and industrial joint ventures with dedicated suppliers.
Aside from the Steel industry, the Group is also involved in the commercialization of solid fuels like steam coal and of non ferrous metals, in particular copper, nickel and aluminum.