Steam Coal

Trasteel's Coal team is composed of seasoned professionals with a vast experience both on the sourcing and marketing side. Most of them are located in key places around the world such as India, China, Indonesia, South America and USA which enables us to have a real time presence on the markets.

As for the Raw Materials, the business model developed by Trasteel is focused on few long term partnerships rather than on spot trading. In this respect, South Africa and Indonesia became the main source of coal through dedicated projects/joint venture agreements. In the start-up years Trasteel has generated a volume of about 1.0 Mio tons, however our medium term goal is to grow our volume to a sustainable level of 3-4 Mio on yearly basis.

Trasteel's corporate philosophy is to invest in assets in order to sustain its trading activities. In light of this, Trasteel has secured the first refusal right to invest in mining assets in South Africa currently held by  Strategic Natural Resource/Elitheni  with whom Trasteel has signed an exclusive off-take agreement which has also allowed to create a dedicated commercial Joint venture (EliTra) with the scope of optimizing the foreign sales of the mine.